Owning her own business at the early age of 22 and holding strong for 15 years, her sibblings considered her a hustler. Always thinking ahead envisioning her next money making move. But after her divorce she became a prostitute for cocaine, in a relationship. Her past was her pimp for years. She was trapped in the basement of desperation and degradation as others still are. She sold herself! She sold herself to trashy relationships and trashy love affairs- looking for one small seed of love and affection to water.

She made everyone think, or at least she thought she did, that she had everything under control – especially after the divorce. She was stuck in what she calls “marry mode”. You see, she was mentally stuck in the mode of being married when it came to being with a man. Literally treating him as if he were her husband. Wanting the love of a man in flesh who was finically and most of all mentally a mere boy.

In today’s society, the love from a man is wayyyyy overrated. This is true because men claim to be faithful to their wives, girlfriends or significant others. All too often when truth is blurred then preception becomes reality and then all is lost. That being said, she wished she would have listen to her conscience when it told her “He’s lying!”

Listen up! Your conscience speaks to you. Fighting it will lead you to make decisions that will cause much disappointment and pain. So love YOU enough to say NO to the men you know will misguide you and are no good for you. It’s your decision to hold his truths to a higher standard. Expecting more for and of yourself isn’t too much to ask – is it?

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I had success in owning my own business and I am at a point in my life where I enjoy blogging as well as teaching professionals how to hone in on their niche to make them stand out from their competition and find their distinguishable asset. My hope is to help professionals who are new to the industry, as well as the more seasoned professional, learn what it takes to increase their earning potential.

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